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My Approach to Documenting Families

While I love family portraits where everyone is dressed all nice and looks happily at the camera, I don’t really think that’s what you’ll reminisce about with your family 20 years from now. What you’re going to remember so fondly is how Caeden couldn’t go anywhere without his “Softy” for the first 5 years of his life, how Reilly used to play with your pinky finger obsessively, how Tristan would direct his siblings through every activity.  You’ll remember summers on the Cape, and splashing in the tub at night before bedtime, and playing for hours on end in the backyard. You’ll remember those little things that make your family special, that make each one who they are and will eventually become.  So, my goal is to document who your family is at this moment in time – what you’re like together, what you love about one another, all the craziness, all the joy, and all the LOVE! And when we get down to it, I hope to have the chance to do this for you again and again over the years – documenting not just one moment in time, but the way your family grows and changes as the years pass – for me, that’s an incredibly beautiful & important story to tell!

Look, I know what you are surely going to tell me is “I don’t like having my photo taken” or “my kids are a bit of a handful.” What you really want to know is “can this girl handle my kids/family?” and “will she make me look awesome and feel at ease?” The answer to both is YES!

I’m not a mom, but I am an Aunt... the world’s most devoted! So, I love kids and am totally comfortable getting down on their level, being ridiculously silly to get them to laugh, and telling them “no you may not touch my camera!” Most kids can’t say Krista, so they can call me Kiki like my niece and nephews do. I haven’t met a kid yet that I couldn’t get a great photo of - no matter how scared of a camera, grumpy, fake-smiling, or wild they are. In a previous life, I studied to be a child psychologist, so we’ve got this!

I’m not afraid of you either, Mom! I know you don’t like having your photo taken, and you usually prefer to be the one behind the camera. Here’s the thing... your kids LOVE you just the way you are! And they’re going to remember you as the most beautiful woman in the world, even if you haven’t lost the baby weight yet. They don’t just want to remember what you looked like when they were kids, they want to remember what you WERE like as their Mom - how you loved them and played with them and took such great care of them. So, don’t stress about the pictures - just have a great time with the ones you love, and let me worry about making it look great!

Documentary Family Coverage begins at $500.  Portrait Mini-Sessions (look here & smile sessions) begin at $150 and are offered only a few times a year.  Contact me for more information, and you can head over to Facebook and our Blog to see lots more photos!!