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Our Approach to Wedding Photography

While we love weddings at fancy venues, in gorgeous locations, with incredible details and beautiful people – we know that’s not what makes a wedding wonderful.  The guests, your friends & family, your relationships with them, the joy you’re going to feel celebrating, your love for one another, the FUN you will have – that’s what makes a wedding something wonderful to photograph!  We are looking for couples who aren’t going to be afraid to cry on their wedding day, who want to enjoy the day to the max, and who recognize that the wedding is just the BEGINNING of something awesome.


Wedding FAQs

Do you know what you're doing? Can we trust you?

Great question, you’re a genius!  I've been shooting documentary-style weddings since 2002, and was trained by a guy who’d been shooting for over 20 years at that point. I started out shooting all black & white film and over the years transitioned to digital - so I understand the craft on a lot of different levels. CoCo came along at the end of 2010 after she graduated from RIT with a degree in Photojournalism, and having actually interned with that same guy KG worked for! And while she may have started as an intern & photo assistant, she quickly became just as capable if not better (no offense, buddies!) than some of our second shooters. It became real clear that she was totally capable of shooting weddings on her own - and so she became an Associate Photographer for our 2013 season.  
So, we’ve got LOADS of experience.  We’ve shot hundreds of weddings and probably millions of photos over the years.  We are consistently pushing ourselves to improve and learning every chance we get.  We are committed to doing our best at every wedding - and to making sure you LOVE your photos!  To do this, we plan to communicate, communicate, communicate!  We want to make sure we know what you want (like what you REALLY want but maybe can’t articulate) and that you know what to expect - and we want to work together all along the way to make your experience the best it can be.
And if you REALLY want to make sure you can trust us, we HIGHLY recommend scheduling an Engagement Session so we can have a little experience working together, building that trust.

What is an "Associate"?  Who is this CoCo person?

Did you even read the last question?  Haha, just kidding!  OK, look, an Associate Photographer is a fully qualified, totally talented person who loves to photograph weddings, but doesn’t really want to own & run their own business.  Running a photography business involves a LOT of different pieces - photography (obvi), but also editing, marketing, client communication, accounting, project management, social media,  dealing with contracts, problem-solving, creating systems, staying organized, networking, cat petting, blah blah blah.  It’s A LOT, ok - and not everyone wants to throw their entire lives into becoming an entrepreneur and working on building a business as well as practicing their craft.  I’ve had a business for so long that I’ve got a lot of this stuff figured out - but there are also pieces I don’t want to do (color correction is like death to my soul), so we’ve created a little team.  And as long as we have a team helping out on the back-end, why not help some photographers (or CoCo at least) get to shoot weddings and let the rest go!  So, CoCo shoots weddings for Krista Photography and meets or at least chats with clients before they book, and we handle all the rest!  So, you get the experience of spending your wedding day with CoCo, and the benefits of all her skills & talents, and you get the consistency of the Krista Photography experience, reputation & quality for everything!

Where can I see some more of your photos since you don't have any galleries up here?

Yeah, technology hates us sometimes. This being one of those times, we'd love for you to check out our Facebook page for the most up to date collection of images. Our Blog has tons more details & stories as well!  Thanks for taking the time, we super love you for it!!! xoxo

How much is this going to cost me?  And what am I gonna get?

I KNEW you were going to ask that!  Alright, let’s get down to business!  We don’t do packages - we prefer to give you a base of “must-have” coverage, and then offer everything else a la carte, so you can pay for what you want, when you want it.  Coverage always includes: 8 hours of coverage on the wedding day by Krista and a second shooter, basic image editing, online proofing, and a thumb drive of the final high-resolution images.  Krista’s coverage also includes an Engagement Session and costs $5500.  CoCo’s coverage starts at $4500, but no engagment included since she lives all the way out in upstate NY now.  Additional hours, PhotoBooth, Rehearsal Dinner Coverage, Albums, Canvases, etc. can all be added to your coverage either when you book, or after.  We’re flexible.

Do you include Videography?

Yeah, no.  We’re just a photography studio (for now).  We know some great videographers though and would love to send you some referrals!  It’s always good to make sure your video team will play nice with your photo team 😉 


Are you available on my date?

Well, I’m not sure… I’m gonna need some more information!  We’d love to put our calendar up on the site for you, but things are always in flux and we don’t want to mislead you.  PLUS, if we’re not available, we would LOVE to recommend some of the AWESOME photographers we know in the area!